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New millionaire remembers Eagle Butte youth center

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NEW YORK, N.Y. - People at The Main, a youth center in Eagle Butte, were ecstatic when they heard the newest television game show millionaire would donate money to their project.

Bernie Cullen became the second millionaire in a week on "Who Wants To Become A Millionaire," an ABC television program hosted by Regis Philbin.

"Everyone here is ecstatic," a staff person said. The entire town of Eagle Butte was abuzz with the news. The program, recorded on March 27 aired Easter Sunday evening.

The Main Project Director Julie Garreau said Cullen called to tell them before the program aired, and she said it was difficult for her to watch. The money will actually be donated to the Cheyenne River Youth Project, which operates the Main.

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Cullen made a one-day visit to Eagle Butte to see a friend who worked at the Main. The two grew up in Chicago. Cullen was on his way to California where he now lives.

He told the people at the Main that if he won money on a TV game show, he would donate some to the project. He actually won $63,000 on "Jeopardy!" but because he was a student it went to pay for expenses.

Cullen said he was impressed with how the Main was operated, with older children involved with the younger ones and how the staff interacted with the children.

Staff members of The Main said they have no idea how much money Cullen will donate, but he has their wish list. "Any amount would be more than we have now," a staff member said.

Attempts to contact Cullen to inquire about the donation were not received by press time.