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New Government Site Helps Make Trust Payments to the Bureau of Indian Affairs

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For American Indians paying the Bureau of Indian Affairs for lease and permits just got easier. The Department of the Interior’s Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST) along with the Department of the Treasury announced the new application, an internet based program that was activated on August 29.

“For lease holders, payments made via are faster, safer, easier and more convenient than payments by check,” said Principal Deputy Special Trustee Ray Joseph. “It’s good for Indian trust beneficiaries because faster payments mean faster disbursements to them. It’s win-win.”

The site offers a secure electronic collection service provided by the Treasury at no cost and it accepts Automated Clearing House (ACH-transferring funds directly from a bank account) or payments by credit card.

The system will help reduce the risk of error as OST processes electronic payments through the site automatically to beneficiaries’ accounts within two days depending on form of payment.

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Check payments are still accepted and will continue to be processed through the Trust Funds Lockbox.