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New Executive Tribal Planning Certificate Program Begins This Month

Eastern Washington University is set to unveil its Tribal Planning Certificate Program next week.
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Eastern Washington University’s Executive Tribal Planning Certificate Program kicks off this month. The 23-credit graduate level program begins January 9.

According to a release, the purpose of the program is to “provide executive level education on tribal planning curriculum to address the specific issues for American Indian reservations.” The program places emphasis on “knowledge and understanding of the unique structures of tribal governments as sovereign nations and the role of planning, community and economic development to address all aspects of reservation life.”

To complete the program, students must take eight classes including American Indian Planning, Advanced Strategic Planning, Contemporary American Indian Planning, Census Data for American Indian Planning, American Indian Economic Development, American Indian Law for Planners, American Indian Transportation Planning and American Indian Planning Studio.

Classes for the certificate can be taken online, through regular classes at EWU, or as part of a two-week Summer Institute in Tribal Planning that takes place each June.

Admission requirements include two letters of recommendation from instructors familiar with the applicant’s undergraduate work or employers or tribal leaders familiar with the applicant. All applicants should also submit a personal letter outlining their educational and career goals and explaining why they want to study tribal planning.

Students have until the end of the first week of classes (January 13) to get into the certificate program this time around. Interested students should contact Dick Winchell at 509-828-1205 or to get application instructions.

Dr. Kelvin Frank, director of tribal planning programs, said they are looking for a group of 10 to 15 students for the fall 2012 semester as well.

To enroll online visit the Eastern Washington University website.