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New energy products safe for diabetics

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PACOIMA, Calif. – The high and steadily increasing prevalence of diabetes (mostly Type 2) amongst Native Americans is largely due to lifestyle factors. Growing Westernization and a shift from traditional lifestyles correlates with decreased physical activity and increased body weight, creating ripe conditions for diabetes to flourish.

Mismanaged diabetes leads to complications which have been found to be major causes of health problems and even death among Native American populations. In addition to medication and insulin, the best way to prevent, treat and manage diabetes is through a healthy lifestyle of balanced and nutritious eating and regular and consistent physical activity.

Due to the distinction of “suitable for diabetics,” Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy Products qualify as a free food item in a diabetic diet. They can be regularly consumed and integrated seamlessly into any nutritious regimen. They taste great, are refreshing, easy to digest, and contain no aspartame. The energy provided is sustained with a smooth lift and gentle release, meaning no jitters or dangers to the cardiovascular system and no crash and burn. They are suitable for diabetics and great for everyone.

Effective diabetic management involves the utilization of various tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle of well-balanced nutrition and regular exercise. The Hip Hop Beverage Corporation recognized this and created Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy products as a response to the rising demand for great-tasting sugar free energy products that are safe for diabetics, older adults, and the everyday health and weight-conscious consumer.

Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink and ResCue Vitamin-Filled Energy Mix contain no calories, carbs, sugars or fat, but are full of flavor, nutrients, supplements and high-quality ingredients. Importantly, these products have been evaluated by the American Diabetes Association and subsequently given the notable distinction of “suitable for diabetics” and qualify as a free food item in a diabetic diet. (The dietary exchanges are based on the Exchange List for Meal Planning by the American Diabetes Association and American Dietetic Association).

With a natural energy blend of Siberian ginseng, taurine and guarana, vitamins B6 and B12, and the 1,200mgs of vitamins provided by ResCue, Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy products are innovative lifestyle products that classify as good nutrition and the energy they provide promotes physical activity. They are excellent tools for healthy living.

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A healthy lifestyle has been shown to yield beneficial results for people living with diabetes, or who are at risk for the disease. Health professionals place an emphasis on prevention and lifestyle changes as effective methods of diabetic management, especially of Type 2 diabetes, which can be easily controlled by proper diet and exercise.

An improved nutritional diet and regular physical activity can improve a diabetic’s quality of life. Such preventive and maintenance efforts also help control the cost of health care and lead to overall better health.

Mismanagement of diabetes can lead to complications, and this becomes a serious issue, especially in populations with a high amount of diabetics such as Native Americans. The prevalence of diabetes among Native Americans can be up to four times as much as non-Hispanic whites.

The individual and collective implications of this disease are vast, thus making it an increasingly relevant issue. The cost of care for chronic diseases far outweighs the costs of preventing the disease early on. Direct costs to afflicted individuals, their families, health sectors, and the costs to the community (in lost productivity) are exacerbated by the chronic nature of diabetes and the seriousness and extent of its complications.

The importance of having the right tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle cannot be underestimated or emphasized enough when it comes to diabetes management. Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy products are excellent lifestyle products because they complement physical activity and count as nutritious and healthy eating.

The company that manufactures and distributes Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy products, Hip Hop Beverage Corporation, actively pursues, maintains and exercises its interest in social responsibility. The company takes pride in all of its products, especially the sugar free line, as it is beneficial to consumers.

Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy products participates in charitable events and activities in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association and other organizations that raise money towards fighting diabetes. Pit Bull Sugar Free Energy products are available for online purchasing online or by calling (800) 686-3697.