New Coast Guard captains qualified at Tulalip Reservation


TULALIP, Wash. – Zenith Maritime graduates students at Tulalip, Wash. Participating in the course were members of the Tulalip Police Department’s, Fisheries Enforcement Team.

The group spent two months in preparation to become qualified as 100 ton Coast Guard Masters (Captains.) They also are certified in Commercial Assistance Towing. Tribal member Andrew Penter and non-tribal member Justin Huggins of Klawock, Alaska also participated.

In a unique program, tribal participants also received eight credit hours from Northwest Indian College for completion of the course.

Instructing the course was Zenith Maritime’s Captain Richard Rodriguez. “It was a pleasure to work with a dedicated group of mariners who will bring a new degree of professionalism to their work in support of tribal fisheries.”

Zenith Maritime trains mariners to become captains across the United States. Zenith graduates operate vessels across the country and received their licenses through approved training as an alternative to stressful Coast Guard Examinations Graduates have qualified to operate vessels up to 100 tons. The course focuses on teaching practical applications rather than test preparation. The school is approved by the United States Coast Guard and tests on site.