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New 21 GT Series game table released

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HAMBURG, N.J. – A&A Enterprises, the makers of the PS 200 Series of pit podiums and the AA 200 and AA 300 Series of slot stands, recently announced the release of the 21 GT Series of gaming table Aug. 17. This achievement allows A&A Enterprises to provide the industry with flexibility and alternatives in design layouts and functionality for the gaming floor.

The 21 GT Series of gaming table is a remarkable product. Stemming from a thought of overall cost reductions for the providing establishment caters to this design. Having a standardized framing core allows for this product to be functional is its entirety. The content brings independently replaceable parts yet again. All visual components of the 21 GT series can be replaced.

As a visual, the panel design can be done in a multitude of different fashions. The use of laminates, natural hardwoods or certain metals or tiles can be established to make the 21 GT series an overall focal delight for the consumer. Should any single component of the 21 GT Series’ system become damaged, only that single component needs to be repaired or replaced without the need to close the table for repair. Utilizing a no tools required approach, the task to replace any single component would take minutes to accomplish.

The 21 GT Series also solves the ongoing issue with table games electronics. The full barrel type design controls those unsightly wiring harnesses that seem to be persistent in today’s gaming environment. The 21 GT Series’ full table base enclosure ensures the protection of the establishment but doesn’t hinder the openness of the gaming floor but rather enhances it.

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