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Need a Valentine’s Day Cuddle? This Kitty’s Cute if You Like Were-cats

Need a Valentine’s Day Kitty Cuddle?
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Lykois cats are nothing like a real werewolf, at least not in personality. But they do resemble one. Even its Greek name, "lukos," means wolf.

The cats are a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair and have the appearance of a werewolf with pointy ears, wide yellow eyes and scarce hair around their eyes, nose and mouth.

"Because I'm a vet, some people assume I created the Lykois in a lab," says Johnny Gobble, one of the breeders who lives with his wife Brittney, also a breeder, and two children in Tennessee. "I joke that, yes, I combined a possum, a monkey, and a cat," he told Yahoo news.

The cat is also said to have a “hound dog personality” and it likes to “hunt around the house for whatever they can find,” according to the breed’s web site. “They also show caution to strangers, but warm up quickly and become very friendly,” said the breeders.

Not to be confused with a Sphynx (a breed of hairless cat) DNA testing by scientists at the University of California, Davis did not find a Sphynx gene. Instead they found that a new breed had been created.

“We are doing our very best to monitor breeding cats to ensure that the Lykois cat will be a new breed that has wonderful health, great personality, and the Lykoi (werecat) look,” Johnny told The Daily Mail.

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A spokesperson from the International Cat Association also confirmed to Yahoo that the Lykois cat was recently accepted for registration by the International Cat Association’s board which is the first step in being able to participate in championship shows; verifying that the cat is the real deal.

Although the first litter of Lykois was born in 2011 the breed won't be available to the general public for two to three more years.

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“There are no Lykoi kittens available at this time. Due to the small gene pool we are working hard to outcross these special kitties to create genetic diversity and a healthy breed,” the breeders wrote on their web site.

The Gobblers included a YouTube video of the werewolf-like, dog-personality type, cat.