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ND Board of Ed Won't Fight New Fighting Sioux Bills

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As previously reported, the North Dakota state legislature plans to introduce as many as three bills aimed at preventing the retirement of the University of North Dakota's Fighting Sioux mascot. According to the, The state's board of education has decided against actively try to prevent the bills. The decision isn't necessarily significant, as the bills would face serious roadblocks even if passed. The Board of Education is granted autonomy by the state's constitution; lawmakers can vote however they like, but without an amendment to the state constitution they would not be able to force the Board of Education to do anything. The board, for its part, has agreed to retire the mascot under pressure from the NCAA—reneging on that deal could have severe consequences for UND athletics.

Meanwhile, some supporters of UND athletics have mounted a half-serious campaign in support of the Suhaki mascot. A suhaki is a variety of antelope—which, phonetically at least, is a dead ringer for "Sioux hockey."

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