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NCAI launches tribal economic stimulus Web site

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WASHINGTON – The National Congress of American Indians, the largest and oldest Indian organization, recently launched a new Web site that provides vital information for tribal governments regarding the funding streams made available through the American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including bill analysis, grant application deadlines and news and updates on each agency.

“We want to make sure tribes have the information they need to participate in the economic recovery of the United States,” said NCAI Executive Director Jacqueline Johnson Pata. “Tribes need to know about grant deadlines, the process of obtaining funding and how to make use of the money that is available.”

The Web site will serve as a central clearinghouse of information on all areas of ARRA including transportation, housing, law enforcement, education, health, energy and other infrastructure needs. It also includes news and updates about the act and upcoming grant application deadlines. Each agency will determine how money will be expended, and the Web site will assist tribes in navigating the process.

“There is $3 billion available to build critical infrastructure in Indian country if tribes have the information they need to access the funds,” Johnson Pata said. “The new Web site will be the one-stop-shop for all tribal stimulus information.”

The site includes a resources section with links to agency information and an analysis section with the full language of ARRA and the NCAI analysis by topic area. The Frequently Asked Questions section will include questions and answers pertaining to the act, such as how tribes can apply for ARRA funding and how funds can be used. NCAI will also be partnering with sister Indian organizations to continually provide updated analysis of implementation of the bill.