NCAA Says Many Fighting Sioux Logos Can Stay at the University of North Dakota


Even though in June 68 percent of voters said they wanted to retire the Fighting Sioux nickname, the NCAA and the state’s attorney general have reached a new agreement allowing the University of North Dakota to keep thousands of the logos in the hockey and basketball arenas, siting cost as a major reason, reported the Associated Press.

The school had been ordered by the state Board of Higher Education to drop all the logos this summer to abide by an agreement with NCAA from 2007. Those logos can now stay, but six signs that say “Home of the Fighting Sioux,” must be removed to bring the school into NCAA compliance, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem told the AP.

"I am very pleased that the NCAA was willing to show flexibility in its policy," he told the AP, adding that the vote to retire the nickname and the cost to remove the logos were both factors in the negotiating process.

The new agreement also includes the creation of a commemorative wall in the athletic complex that shows the history of the Sioux Nation and its contributions to the state.

"The agreement by Ralph Engelstad Arena to reduce the nickname and Native American mascot imagery, and to place the imagery in an historic context, is consistent with the NCAA policy for the University of North Dakota to host NCAA championship events at that site," the NCAA said in a statement.

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