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Navajo Star Wars! Have a Happy Star Wars Day, and May the Fourth Be With You


Today is Star Wars Day—May the Fourth Be With You, in case you haven't heard. It marks the two-year anniversary of the casting call for Navajo Star Wars.

Of all the stories we've run about Navajo language and entertainment, the saga of Navajo Star Wars might have evoked the most excitement and enthusiasm from our readers—whether they were Dine' or not. Auditions took place on the weekend of May 4, 2013, and the film premiered two months later, at the Navajo Nation Fair, which takes place annually around the 4th of July.

Here's a video story we did that covered the premiere; keep scrolling down the page for some images from the Navajo Star Wars phenomenon. And make a mental note: Next up is Navajo Finding Nemo.

A big thank you to the Navajo Nation Museum and Radmilla Cody for the photos that follow: 

Opening scroll from 'Navajo Star Wars'

Welcome sign at the Navajo Nation Museum for Navajo Star Wars hopefuls. Source:

A swag table at the audition featured paraphernalia sent by Lucasfilm. Source:

Navajo Nation Museum director Manuelito Wheeler hard at work in the midst of Navajo Star Wars mania. Note the Boba Fett figures on the bookcase behind him. Source:

Radmilla Cody (right) with her uncle Herman Cody, who provided the voice for Uncle Owen in Navajo Star Wars. Herman writes the songs Radmilla, a Grammy-nominated artist, sings on her albums. Source:

Radmilla Cody, a former Miss Navajo, with two Navajo Nation Museum staffers at the audition. Source:

Radmilla Cody with another former Miss Navajo, Dr. Dolly Manson, who also auditioned at the event. Source:

Clarenda Begay (Navajo Nation Museum curator), Darrick Franklin, and Manuelito Wheeler at the Star Wars pre-screening. Franklin was one of several hopefuls who came in costume. Source:

Princess Leia? Close—it's Tisha Shonnie at the Navajo Star Wars audition. Source:

A young Yoda at the Navajo Star Wars audition. Source:

Rodger Willie and Irving Nelson at the Navajo Star Wars pre-screening. Source:

Museum staff and Darrick Franklin at the Star Wars pre-screening. Source:

Star Wars billboard near Tse Bonito, NM. Source: