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Navajo Partnership for Housing Seeks New Executive Director

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The Navajo Partnership for Housing (NPH) is searching for a new executive director.

Outgoing executive director Lanalle Smith held the post for the past five years, and previously served as the organization’s homeownership manager.

In June, Smith announced her plans to relocate to Phoenix, Arizona to pursue new endeavors. During her executive tenure at NHP, the nonprofit corporation developed partnerships, advanced in multi-state mortgage licensing and secured the developer status needed to take on the upcoming Karigan Estates III, the construction of an additional 25 to 50 homes on the reservation.

A five-member executive transition committee, appointed by NHP’s 15-member board of directors, will oversee the transition and a nationwide search for NPH’s next executive leader. The professional search will be managed by Susan Maini of Enterprise Inc., a 20-year veteran to facilitating leadership transition for nonprofit organizations focused on community development. The search will encompass local, regional and national coverage with special outreach for Navajo leadership and experience with housing issues on and near the reservation.

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