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Navajo Nation: Tempted by the ‘Almighty Dollar’?

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In the Navajo-Hopi Observer, Wells Mahkee Jr. questions whether gaming can truly bring prosperity to the Navajo Nation, or whether it simply serves as a short-term solution and encourages social ills like alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic violence.

The Navajo Nation is a young gaming tribe. They entered the arena with Fire Rock Casino in November of 2008, followed by the Flowing Water Casino in New Mexico, and next in line, the proposed Twin Arrows Casino near Flagstaff, Ariz.

"...the Navajo Nation - one of the last few remaining tribes in the Southwest that had staunchly resisted the temptation of gaming - has been criticized for once again 'selling out' to the allure of the Almighty Dollar," Mahkee wrote.

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