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Navajo Nation of Arizona, New Mexico & Utah

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Bernalillo County sheriff's deputies arrested the second of six prisoners who escaped from the county jail's west side lockup Oct. 8. Someone saw Joseph Manning at a Canoncito home the afternoon of Oct. 15 and contacted Navajo tribal police, who called deputies and the state police, said a sheriff's office spokeswoman. Officers went to the home and after eventually being let in by a woman there, found Manning hiding under a bed, she said. He was arrested without incident. Manning was held on charges of aggravated battery with great bodily harm at the time of the escape. Authorities caught Edward Lee Tenorio shortly after the breakout. Four men were still at large. A seventh inmate has been accused of masterminding the escape, but not fleeing because he was napping when his fellow inmates fled, court documents show. Christopher Cook, 22, confessed to kicking a hole in the wall of a portable jail building on Albuquerque's west side and admitted he was planning to escape, "but he got tired and fell asleep." The other prisoners squirmed out of the hole created by Cook, scaled two 12-foot-high fences topped with razor wire and fled, authorities said.