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Navajo Nation of Arizona, New Mexico & Utah

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With all 110 chapters connected to the Internet by rooftop satellite dishes, the tribe is establishing a data collection and information system that will revolutionize development. Merle Pete, spokesman for Navajo President Kelsey Begaye, said the U.S. Census Bureau selected the Navajo Nation to participate in the Census Information Center Program. As part of a national and state census information network, the nation CIC will centralize and standardize all data information. "We live in the information age," says Ernie Yazzie, statistician, Division of Community Development. "... When you consider the Local Governance Act - in terms of planning and research that needs to be conducted, each ... chapter must realize that data and statistics are great tools for land use planning, community development, and infrastructure development." The CIC is as a clearinghouse for Navajo Nation data and statistical information. In this effort, community assessments, population estimates, surveys and research will be conducted to collect raw numbers from which to develop projections and estimates for utilization. The CIC will be able to assist the government, chapters, state and federal government entities, and universities and colleges in various sociological and demographic research projects, surveys and studies. It will publish reports and other data for public dissemination.