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Navajo Nation of Arizona, New Mexico & Utah

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Nation officials say they plan to close the Four Corners Regional Adolescent Treatment Center when its contract expires Dec. 31. The center has been the only adolescent residential treatment center on the 25,000-square-mile Navajo reservation. The center is owned and operated by Our Youth, Our Future, Inc., a private company based in Farmington. Tribal officials have said they want to divert $1.3 million in annual federal funds to their own adolescent treatment center, which is not yet in operation in Chinle, Ariz. Hoske Benally Jr., chief executive officer at the center, is asking the Navajo Nation to extend the Shiprock center's contract quarterly beginning Jan. 1, so that there would be no interruption of service. Benally said it's unlikely the Chinle facility will be up and running anytime soon. It could take six months, or a year, he said. The ideal would be to continue both programs, he said. The decision is to be made by the Navajo Nation Health and Social Services standing committee Dec. 11 in Window Rock, Ariz. The committee is part of the Navajo Nation Department of Behavior Health.

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