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Navajo Nation of Arizona, New Mexico & Utah

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When the nation started charging fees to visit the Four Corners National Monument, some tourists wanted improvements. "We like funky, but for $4, we like toilets," said a Salt Lake City visitor. "For four bucks, I'm thinking new benches, take out the weeds, put in a few plants." Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, agreed. He sponsored a bill to put $2.5 million in federal dollars for a $4.5 million museum and American Indian interpretive center at the monument, complete with bathrooms. Only Colorado hasn't offered to chip in $500,000 for the project though Southwest Colorado would get 75 percent of the benefits. The states asked Congress to extend a July 15 deadline for collecting matching funds. One Colorado legislator said the Ute Mountain Utes should pitch in a quarter million since the tribe owns the Colorado corner of the monument. If the project is funded the nation and the Utes would share management with non-Indian members of a coalition. The people who come here think Indians live in tipis and they're surprised we