Navajo Nation of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah


The Nation is looking for a more educated police chief Tribal Public Safety Division Director Herb Clah Jr. raised requirements from an associate's degree to a bachelor's degree at the request of other tribal officials. "Basically we feel that there's qualified Navajo people out there that would meet the requirements," Clah said July 5. Police Chief Leonard Butler, with an associate's degree, will remain in office until mid-July, Clah said. The position will be advertised, and Clah expects it to be filled in two or three months. Butler led the Navajo Police Department for five years, Clah said. "A couple of years ago we upgraded the chief of criminal investigation requirements to a four year degree," Butler said, adding the two positions are similar, and it was not fair to raise requirements for one and not the other. Butler has not accepted offers of captain's positions in the department, Clah said. Controversy arose in 1996 when two Shiprock police officers questioned Butler's past. Butler had pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter when he was 24 after a 1973 drunken driving crash. Butler's record was expunged after he completed most of his probation. The decision to replace Butler had nothing to do with it, Clah said.