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Navajo Nation Code Annotated now available on Web

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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – The laws of the Navajo Nation are now accessible worldwide through the Internet on Westlaw, one of the primary online legal research services for lawyers, law students and legal professionals in the United States and other parts of the world.

This accessibility was made possible through the coordinated efforts of the Navajo Nation’s Office of Legislative Counsel and West, which publishes all 26 titles of the Navajo Nation Code Annotated in a four volume book format, a CD ROM format and now by online subscription to

The Office of Legislative Counsel prepares the Navajo Nation Code Annotated by reviewing and incorporating all enacted legislation into code format, as well as excerpts of all Navajo Nation Supreme Court opinions which may have an impact on the interpretation of provisions of the codes.

Westlaw publishes more than 66 million books and 500 CD-ROM libraries, including the Navajo Nation Code Annotated, the United States Code Annotated, many state codes and Black’s Law Dictionary.

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In 1985, in Kerr McGee Corp. v. Navajo Tribe, the Supreme Court of the United States observed, “The Navajo government has been called ‘probably the most elaborate among tribes. … The legitimacy of the Navajo [Nation] Council, the freely elected governing body of the Navajos is beyond question.”

Today, the laws of the Navajo Nation enacted by the Navajo Nation Council and published in the Navajo Nation Code Annotated are more accessible than ever before with a Web audience on Westlaw. The codes are also available in a hardbound four volume book version with 2008 edition pocket-part supplements and a 2008 edition CD ROM as well.

For more information, contact the Office of Legislative Counsel at (928) 871-7166. For information on Westlaw, access their Web site.