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Navajo Medicine Man Runs Global Business without Internet

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The Farmington Daily Times'third article in its five-part series highlights the advantage of global Internet-based sales.

But some people refuse to adapt to modern technology, preferring a more traditional and respectful (to some people's perceptions) way of marketing services.

Take Francis Mitchell for instance. The Navajo Nation member chooses not to promote his services as a medicine man online. Rather, he relies on word-of-mouth. Mitchell's choice stems from a cultural belief that medicine men should not advertise their services.

"It's not supposed to be a competition," Mitchell told The Farmington Daily Times of his practice. "It's not a way to recruit business, a way to identify yourself."

Mitchell has clients on other continents, but he only uses the telephone to reach them. He does not own a cell phone or have Internet.

"Medicine is an attempt to assist, so modern technology is not part of it."