Navajo Cops Returns Tonight to NatGeo

Navajo Cops premieres tonight on National Geographic Channel

Last May, National Geographic Channel aired a pilot for Navajo Cops, a show that rides along with those tasked with maintaining law and order on the Navajo Nation. Tonight, at 10 PM Eastern time (9 PM CT, 8 PM MT, and 10 PM PT), Navajo Cops returns with six new episodes.

"This is an insight into Native American country, the terrain, the culture, the language," said Lorie Lee, who was media production specialist for the Navajo Film Office when the series was filmed, according to the Farmington Daily Times. "This is the positive and negative aspects and the social ills that everyone knows exist, but that they are not quite able to understand until they see it."

Producer/director Sam Dolan told the Daily Times that Navajo Cops is similar to shows based on the Cops model, but with some key differences. "A lot of those kinds of law enforcement shows can be very confrontational," he said. "It's different on Navajo. The officers are combating very serious issues, but at the same time they are very compassionate." He also pointed to Navajo rituals, the Navajo language, and the fact that the officers work individually (rather than with a partner) as elements that set Navajo Cops apart. Lee also mentioned that the officers face some different challenges on the vast Navajo Nation, where radio signals can be inconsistent and street signs can be scarce.

For a sneak peek at the series, visit the National Geographic Channel website to see clips from the show.