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Navajo Agencies Host Regional Housing Summits

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In an effort to promote regional agencies and offer funding resources and services for housing related issues, the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA) created five regional housing summits across the Navajo Nation.

The Authority recently announced its third summit to be held June 15-16 for Western Agency chapters in Tuba City, Arizona.

The two day regional summit will feature presenters from various entities including the Navajo Tribal Utilities Authority, Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency, Navajo Veterans Affairs Office, Navajo Department of Law Enforcement, Navajo Partnership for Housing, Navajo Division of Transportation, United States Department of Agriculture, Tuba City Regional Heath Care and AMERIND Risk Management, among others.

“Connecting tribal departments, entities and regional community members together will help (NHA) to better identify housing opportunities for Navajo families and better manage community growth within the Navajo Nation,” said Aneva J. Yazzie, chief executive officer of the NHA, in a statement.

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More information regarding the regional summit can be viewed online at

The remaining two Navajo agencies will host their summits in the months of July and August.