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Natural gas pipeline

I’m talking with several tribes about the potential construction of a massive natural gas pipeline from WY to OR, across N NV. The Sierra Club is calling in a ‘linear MX’ meaning it will disturb/destroy a huge land mass.

Of particular concern is the destruction and disturbance of thousands of cultural, spiritual and historic resources. Five Paiute tribes have passed resolutions of opposition: Duck Valley, Summit Lake, Ft. McDermott, Ft. Bidwell.

What complicates things is that the Council of Energy Resource Tribes (CERT), comprised of 54 Tribes, has endorsed the project. They likely don’t know about the level of opposition by the Tribes on the ground here. We need to let them know.

Local Native leaders who can speak on this include: Keenan Reed: 775 686 8276 (Klamath), Dean Barlese 775 574 0110 (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe) and Michon Eben 775 785 1363 (Reno-Sparks Indian Colony)

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Links: Ruby Pipeline:; CERT:; Sierra Club Ruby Valley Task Force:

Contact is Bob Fulkerson, state director Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, 821 Riverside Drive, Reno, Nevada 89503; (775) 348-7557;

This story has a 700-800 word range with a deadline of as soon as you can.

If interested in this story e-mail me at [Subject line: Natural Gas Pipeline]