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Native Youth Unite! Artists, Musicians and More To Converge in Albuquerque for REZILIENCE

[node:summary]Native Youth Musicians and More To Converge in Albuquerque for REZILIENCE
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A new, ambitious, refreshing and innovative Native event will add a youthful glow to the many markets, exhibits and festivals in New Mexico every year.

The REZILIENCE Indigenous Arts Experience will be an immersive, all-ages experience that focuses on modern Indigenous art processes. Artists include nationally and locally recognized entertainers, muralists, multimedia artists, poets and a contemporary Indigenous art market.

It is a grassroots effort tied into the airwaves of social media, and all generations of the entire community are welcome. Tickets can be bought for the on-campus events or just the music concert. This movement trends new generational events that compliment social gatherings like Pow Wows but are becoming their own thing in Indian Country.

The event takes place on April 30 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center near downtown Albuquerque.

Executive Director Warren Montoya said, “We aim to be inclusive, not exclusive, it is not a space for the most elite, but we are not aiming to provide all the answers either. We are building a community platform from which we can all have an opportunity to speak on the resilience of our peoples.”

“This event is a movement based in creativity. It is our creative practices that have facilitated cultural longevity, community building, knowledge growth and healing for generations. REZILIENCE will be the new model of unity for indigenous cultures worldwide.”

The Rezonate Art Collective is taking a big chance but they have gathered sponsors including the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico Community Capital, NHCC, ABQ Film Office and The Heard Museum.

They are building bridges and connections and Montoya told me their focus is on “helping ourselves to help our people. Many social issues in the media are external and can take away our attention and strength. We want to inspire, recycle and grow all that energy into making community programs and internalize our strength and power.”

Photo: Vincent Schilling

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Michael Bucher’s music requires intense picking action. Three fingers down, he is finally ready to return to the stage after a year hiatus while recovering and relearning to play.

The REZILIENCE event will provide a myriad of activities based on the following themes and elements:

Movement: Running is a popular culturally based tradition which is now related to community health, and toward that end Wings of America will sponsor a Rio-Rez Fun-Run to kick of the festivities. At sunrise, the whole event starts with a 5k run at the Rio Grande running trails to celebrate life and longevity.

Create:will be all-day workshops hands-on for all ages. Design: is all day visual art, installs and murals with Yatika Fields, Jaque Fragua, Jaycee Beyale, Cheyenne Randall, Jody Herrera, Saba, René Palomaris, Dwayne Manuel, Kialani Campbell and Gregg Deal.

Expression:Native poets hosted by Tanaya Winder from 12noon to 2pm, with Rowie Shebala, Lyla June Johnston, Mercedez Holtry, Marlon Footracer, Lee Francis, Hakim Bellamy, Laura Jagles, Casandra Lopez, Asdzanii Rae, Byron Aspaas, Rosie Thunderchief, Orlando White, Norbert Jones, Jr and guest IAIA poets.

Vision: Steven Paul Judd heads a film showcase with his feature, “Robbie Joe Dean;” also showing is the Sundance-winning short, “Isabelle’s Garden” and six more films, from 1pm to 5pm.

Voice: The big attraction is a 7-hour concert 5pm to 12am with performances from award-winning Native American hip hop artists Frank Waln and the Sampson Brothers, Supaman, Natannii Means, Def I, Wake Self, rapper Ruby Ibarra, reggae fusion duo Jordan T & City Side, DJ Brian Frejo, ndn reggae rock INNASTATE and Latin band Radio La Chusma. Special guest performers include: Radmilla Cody, Clara Natonabah, Desirae Harp, NACA Sweet Nations, Daygots Leeyos, Eutimia Montoya.

Exchange: from 9am to 7pm is the Art Market Show with Wings of America, First American Art, NACA, Aaron Brokeshoulder, Daryl Begaye, Derek No Sun Brown, Gilmore Scott, Shumakalowa Native Arts, Props & Glory, Natabove Jewelry, George Alexander, Josie Seymour, Courtney Leonard, Kathy Elk Woman Whitman, Daryl Begaye, Jared Yazzie, Ryan Singer, Rhett Lynch, Loren Aragon, Frank Buffalo Hyde, Gary Wood, Shaun Beyale, Monty Claw, Ira Lujan and more.

The Rezilience Indigenous Arts Experience will take place at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (1701 4th Street SW, Albuquerque, NM) from 7am to 12am. It is described as an all-day on-campus event.

The focus on building this community event is to promote an all-inclusive space through an alcohol and drug-free atmosphere. For ticket info contact the NHCC Box Office and keep updated on their Facebook page for more information.