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Native Youth Leadership and Athletic Academy

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From June 27-30, the Native Youth Leadership and Athletic Academy (NYLAA) will take place in McMinnville, Oregon, at Linfield College. The academy will include football, basketball, weightlifting, traditional games, and dancing. Youth will be schooled on teambuilding, health and wellness in their daily lives, making the right choices in life, leadership skills, culture and spirituality. As the NYLAA said in their press release, "Native youth prepare themselves for life by getting fit inside and out!"

Youth ages 12 to 18 are eligible, more information on fees and the location of Linfield College can be found on the Native Wellness Institute site here.

Trainers include Robert Johnston, Muskogee Creek/Choctaw, who serves not only as a trainer at the academy but also as a certified hypnotist, Wade McGee, Cherokee, who emphasizes culture and identity as an asset to improve performance, and Rulan Tangen, Metis, who is the founder and director of Dancing Earth, an indigenous contemporary dance company.

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