Native Women on Top: Bull Riding Not Just for Men Anymore


Native women can handle just about anything and everything.

As the world watches the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas this week, ICTMN couldn’t help but put the spotlight on some amazing Navajo women who strap on to one of the most dangerous animals on earth.

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In this video, which was shot west of Kayenta, Arizona, in 2011, Dine women bull riders take turns on the beast -- these are not mechanical bulls.

The first competitor, Adrainna Kinlcheenie, Dine, from Dilkon, Arizona, was able to hold on for more than 14 seconds! The ending, 10-second buzz rang, and Kinlcheenie still held on. Traditional bull riding rules once required a 10 second ride, but it was changed to 8 seconds. The average male bull rider, at the professional level, only receives a score if he lasts the required 8 seconds, according to the Professional Bull Riders website.

Take a look.