Native Village of Akhiok


Native son Kodiak Republican Frank Peterson Sr. missed a deadline to run for the state Senate against GOP Rep. Alan Austerman. Peterson said his candidacy paperwork was postmarked by 5 p.m. June 1, as he understood was required by law. But the law specifically requires that the paperwork either be physically delivered to election offices by the deadline, or that a one-page declaration of candidacy be received by telegraph or fax, said Virginia Breeze, a spokeswoman for the division. Peterson conceded that he found the division's handbook a little confusing, but contends that the law allows for the application to be valid if the materials are sent and postmarked by the deadline. Peterson, a longtime Kodiak businessman, was born and raised near Akhiok and has served on the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly. He serves on the board of Koniag Regional Native Corporation. He has managed Ayakulik Native Corporation and headed Kodiak Area Native Association, Larsen Bay Tribal Council, and Old Harbor Tribal Council. Peterson said he waited until the last day to file because he wanted to see how many people would run for the seat, which represents a district that includes Kodiak and the rural islands of Southeast Alaska.