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Native-Owned Osceola Consulting Opens on Morongo Indian Reservation

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A Native-owned, Bay Area-based consulting services business, Osceola Consulting, has opened an office on the Morongo Indian Reservation in Banning, California.

The company, headquartered in Tiburon, California, provides software and technology services to utility companies. Osceola recently hired its first 20 local employees in and around Riverside County. The Technology Delivery Center's (TDC) software and technology services would typically be outsourced to offshore technology centers. TDC, the local Osceola Consulting office, brings this work onshore to Riverside County.

"The TDC will retain and develop high value technology jobs locally in our region," said Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia (Coachella, 56th Assembly District) in a keynote address. Assemblymember Garcia is Chair of the California State Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy whose focus includes jobs, development and expansion of new technologies, and state and local economic development.

"I had a chance to visit with the Osceola Consulting team when they were still working on the build-out and staffing of the TDC," Assemblymember Garcia said. "I was delighted to learn of Osceola’s plans to collaborate with local universities, colleges and workforce development programs to provide training opportunities."

Garcia added: “Osceola Consulting is a good example of a business that can bring high tech jobs to our region, and can benefit from workforce and business development programs."

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Osceola Consulting’s unique business model enables it to retain and develop high technology jobs onshore that can effectively complement offshore outsourcing, explained Osceola Consulting CEO Kevin Narcomey.

"Osceola’s business model brings operational efficiencies locally, enabling access to near-shore diverse supplier capability for competitive differentiation, lower cost of services, reduced delivery risk and enhanced corporate social responsibility profile," Narcomey said.

Narcomey added that Osceola’s business model "provides for alternative employment/career opportunities in technology and business process outsourcing in both Tribal areas and disadvantaged communities while it also supports broader societal development and economic growth of these areas."

When announcing the new Osceola office location, Narcomey concluded by thanking the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, as well as Osceola clients: San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Gas Company and Pacific Gas & Electric Company for their willingness to support Osceola’s innovative TDC business model.

Since being founded in 2006 and receiving MBE certification with the California Public Utilities Commission in 2007, Osceola Consulting has become recognized for partnering with its industry clients to architect, manage, and implement strategic business and technology solutions related to complex industry and business transformation issues.