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Native-owned Kennedy Management Goes Independent, Offers Tribal Preference

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Kennedy Management Company recently announced its demerger, official transitioning from Kennedy Wendel to Kennedy Management Company, a 100 percent Native American-owned and -operated consulting firm that specializes in planning, design and management of community and gaming projects of all sizes.

Starting in May 2007, Kennedy Management worked in partnership with Wendel Companies, an architecture and engineering firm with a focus on sustainability. The two companies combined forces to deliver comprehensive design, engineering and construction management services to tribes across the country.

Under the Kennedy Wendel partnership, Adam Kennedy, president of Kennedy Management, managed and led major project and construction management projects throughout Indian country, including Apache Nugget Travel Plaza Casino for the Jicarilla Apache Nation; commercial projects and a event center for Nez Perce Tribe; a hotel and child care facility for the Yakama Nation; numerous gaming and non-gaming projects for the Seneca Nation; and the Navajo Nation's first casino, Fire Rock Casino in New Mexico.

Kennedy, now president and general manager, said he "is extremely pleased with recent successes helping Native American clients and friends implement important economic enterprises for their tribes, and also help train tribal members to realize individual growth and sustainable opportunities."

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One of the most important endeavors Kennedy Management is focused on is a unique training and mentoring program designed specifically for American Indian and Alaska Native tribes. The program identifies and creates specifically targeted educational training opportunities before, during and after building construction projects are undertaken. "The goal is to employ as many tribal members as possible on any given project," stated Kennedy. "We want to help our people be successful with sustainable life-building skills and meaningful work experience."

Most recently Kennedy Management introduced and worked with the Nez Perce Tribe in Idaho to create a new business enterprise called Nez Perce Construction Management Group, providing an economic opportunity for the Tribe and its members. In this role, Kennedy Management led the Nez Perce Tribe through a development program to plan, design and construct a new convenience store. The new convenience store became the first test project utilizing the new economic enterprise.

Kennedy Management helped provide leadership, training, mentoring and business strategy to organize the planning, design and construction of the project. Working with the tribe's human resource team, a strategic plan was created to identify candidates to serve as project manager, superintendent and fill administration roles, along with forums to solicit candidates. Kennedy Management with Nez Perce Construction Management Group organized the bidding process to encourage, organize, train and hire a construction team with a goal to hire and train as many tribal members as possible. Kennedy Management and Nez Perce Construction Management Group successfully implemented a project made up of nearly 80 percent Certified Indian Businesses of which, roughly 65-70 percent were Nez Perce Tribal members and enterprises. The new convenience store named Camas Express opened at the end of 2013 in Winchester, Idaho.

Kennedy Management has successfully implemented Tribal Preference and TERO compliance, has Tribal employees on staff and makes every effort to integrate Native-owned businesses throughout all design and construction phases. For additional information about Kennedy Management visit