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Native Humor Warning: Don't Try This at Home (And Origin of Why Native Men Are Buttheads)

Men are Butt-heads - We explain in this episode of Native Humor, by Dr. Coyote.
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No matter what your affiliation, or where you reside on Turtle Island, we all deserve a good joke. In an effort to reach across all of Indian Country to give you a laugh...It’s time for another dose of Native humor.

Another Way the Cookie Crumbles

Q: What’s a tribal fortune cookie?

A: It’s a piece of fry bread with a food stamp stuck in it.

Man-Eating Fry Bread

Q: How are tribal men and fry bread alike?

A: They're both round, brown and greasy.

Walking Thermometers


Not cold enough to fish yet!

Q: How do tribal people know when it's safe to go ice fishing?

A: When all the white guys quit falling through.

Now That’s Rich


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Wow, that one guy has TWO cars on blocks!

Q: How can you tell a rich tribal person from a poor tribal person?

A: The rich tribal person has two cars up on blocks.

Say “Cheese”

Q: Why is it so hard to take a group picture of a bunch of tribal people?

A: When you say "cheese" they all line up.

Give Him a Smack

Q: Why are Indian guys such good kissers?

A: Because their lips get so much exercise pointing at stuff.

The Creation Story: Women's Version


Ok...this photo is a play on Ass Donkey) or Butt - combined with Heads - Get it? Ok, we admit, a small stretch, 'butt,' we liked the photo.

The creator made woman first. She was lonely, didn't have anyone to boss around or to take her to bingo, so she asked the Creator for a companion. The Creator obliged her. He cut off part of her butt and made man.

That is why tribal women have flat butts and tribal men are butt heads.