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Native Humor: Top Ten Signs You May Be Native

If you wear basketball shorts through the winter or have a relative who's seen Bigfoot, you may be Native.
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Here's a hashtag that got red-hot on Twitter about two days ago—the Jeff Foxworthy-ish "You May Be Native If." Native American Tweeters were all over it, tossing out hundreds of signifiers of Nativeness. We combed through them all, noted which ones got the most retweets and favorites, and narrowed it down to these 10 (credits follow the list). Enjoy!

Top Ten Signs You May Be Native

10. #YouMayBeNativeIf you have more cousins than you know.

9. #YouMayBeNativeIf you have a nickname and nobody calls you by your real one. Or knows it.

8. #YouMayBeNativeIf you're still wearing basketball shorts even though it's winter.

7. #YouMayBeNativeIf you've never actually "bought" a dog—they just showed up at your house.

6. #YouMayBeNativeIf you know that the real overpriced spring event is Gathering of Nations, not Coachella.

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5. #YouMayBeNativeIf you hear "Hey Victor" and laugh.

4. #YouMayBeNativeIf you've got that mean mug down to where people don't wanna talk to you. They don't even wanna approach you.

3. #YouMayBeNativeIf you have an opinion on whether it's called a Navajo taco or an Indian taco.

2.#YouMayBeNativeIf you or someone close to you has ever seen Bigfoot.

1. #YouMayBeNativeIf you've had someone tell you they are some percentage Cherokee.

Credits: @GWLeah (10, 5), @Native_Hashtags (9), @_Native_Life (8, 7, 4), @D_Satanus (6), @tpcreepinhumor (3), @unsuperjay (2), @N8Dick (1)