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Native Humor: Top 7 Signs your Medicine Man™ is a Quack

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We’ve all heard the term plastic shaman. Taking this into account, there might be some tell-tale signs that the “spiritual advisor” you are working with may not be all he is ‘quacked-up’ to be.

So, in case you needed some ‘sage’ advice - actual sage, not the spice in your kitchen cabinets - here are 7 possible signs your Medicine Man is a quack.

7. During one his ceremonies you say to yourself, “Didn’t I see that in Dances With Wolves?”

6. You suspect he is smudging you with weeds he found from around the area.


5. He says he owns a condo in Sedona, AZ and he tries to sell you personally recharged crystals.

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4. His Tribe is a 501(c)(3), and his nation is “donation.”

3. His spray-on-tan starts to run in the sweat lodge.


2. He offers a special 2-for-1 naming ceremony... if you pay him cash.

1. And the number 1 way you can tell your medicine man is a quack….drumroll please:

For only $19.95 you can get his CD of spiritual chants and incantations and a bottle of true Native scent to sprinkle on your clothes. But wait, there’s more! He’ll double the offer if you pay separate shipping and handling.