Native Humor: Native Christmas Memes and Holiday Jokes

You'd better watch those reindeer closely Santa!

Vincent Schilling

Santa and Rudolph are comin' to the Rez!

We at Indian Country Today hope everyone is having a happy holiday season and is looking forward to spending time with family or friends or maybe you will be enjoying a long deserved day-off this Christmas.

Whatever the reason, here a selection of Native Christmas memes for the season that you may have seen before, but just like that dusty box of Christmas ornaments, let’s bring them out again for a smile and a laugh holiday-style!

Merry Native Christmas and all the best in the upcoming New Year!

(All of the meme’s were found on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.)

A lot of people don’t realize that Santa is part of a Northern drum.

Rez kids aint no joke Santa!

Yeah – Frybread for Santa on the Rez

Rez tree?

You’d better watch those reindeer closely Santa!

Santa and Rudolph never had a chance…

Presents will arrive on the 25th … maybe.

No explanation needed.

Go Rez canoe!

This is a Christmas card we could all use.

Sorry Loren Anthony, it’s only Nick Nolte

Go Rez Grandma!!!

Native Holiday Jokes

(Made up by Vincent Schilling – Happy Holidays!)

Knock Knock on the Rez

Knock, Knock,

Who’s there?


Santa? You’d better back up…I don’t know you bro. Leave the presents at the door and go away.

A missing reindeer

Why was Santa sad?

He visited the Rez, and no one gave him any Rudolph soup.

Snow Glow

Why did the snowman on the Rez glow so bright?

He was made of uranium-water snow.

Coal Snowman

What did the snowman say to the Indian?

Thanks for taking those two lumps of coal out of my face to start the campfire, but now I’m blind.

Indian gift

How can you be sure Steve Jobs wasn’t Native?

Your iPhone Christmas gift isn’t made out of beads.

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Good ones, uranium water hits hard. Thank you.