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Native Humor: 13 Funny and Inspiring #NoDAPL Memes and Comics

13 Funny and Inspiring #NoDAPL Memes and Comics

If you follow Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, chances are you’ve run across one or more humorous memes that relates to the Standing Rock #NoDAPL action.

Your chances of running across a #NoDAPL meme or two are even greater if you are Native, an ally, or concerned about the greatest environmental priority of our time: Water.

As serious as those concerns are—and they are very critical concerns—it’s good to relax and lighten up once in awhile too, and Natives have never been strangers to humor.

Here’s some cartoons and memes that have appeared on social media in the past several weeks amidst the Standing Rock occupation in North Dakota. They’re sure to make you think, or chuckle, or both.

Gotta Love The Rock

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Just what Standing Rock needs, an action star hero like The Rock, or maybe Rambo, or Billy Jack, even Machete! Boom!

Make a Stand - Marty Two Bulls

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Marty Two Bulls bringing it, as always, with searing precision. Water is life. Mni Waconi. #NoDAPL

#NoDAPL comics from Ricardo Cate

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See Related: Article by Alex Jacobs published here at ICTMN - Cartoonist Without Reservations: Ricardo Cate' Is One Funny Indian.

Jay Dearien’s “Counter-Attack of the Fifty Foot Lakota Woman”

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Lest we forget, women are our ultimate action heroes.

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#NoDAPL Rez Pubby Memes

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A hallmark of Native humor: posting funny memes in response to being attacked by dogs less than 24 hours after actually having been attacked by dogs.

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From the Keystone XL to NoDAPL - ALL The Rez Dog's are now on their way to North Dakota to protect our people from the D.A.P.L private security's K9 units.

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Take Custer’s Word For It

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Run Forrest! Here Comes Standing Rock!

Forrest and Jenny - Standing Rock Meme

Willie Nelson Cool Factor

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Now there’s cool, but then there’s having your picture taken wearing a buffalo robe in front of a painted tipi COOL, right? This photo broke the internet and the space-time continuum.

You Got Standing Rock Punked

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Did you get punked by this meme? This viral image is of Woodstock, not the pipeline protest. The picture was originally shared by Tyler Eldridge, and was shared over 250,000 times.

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