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Native Humor: 10 Opinionated Rants From Auntie Beachress (Not That You Asked)

Everyone has an Auntie Beachress in their family, it seems. And if you don't think you do, you have to ask yourself: "Am I Auntie Beachress?"
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Auntie Beachress is a character created by Hall, a Lakota/Hidatsa comedian and jingle dress dancer. Hall's abrasive, opinionated Beachress character first appeared on the comic's YouTube channel ten months ago; since then, Hall has posted some 41 Beachress videos (most of them just 15 seconds long) and to an observer it might seem that Beachress is trying to take over Hall's channel altogether. That's just the sort of thing Beachress would do, really—you don't mess with Auntie Beachress.

Auntie Beachress was kicked out of Gathering of Nations. Auntie Beachress says Adam Beach wants her back. Auntie Beachress is, by her own admission, crazy.


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Miss Native American USA April Yazza

Tonia Jo Hall (who got married last month—congratulations Tonia Hall Mitchell!) performs standup on her own and with the Ladies of Native Comedy, a four-woman show that might just be coming to a casino, college or other venue near you. You can find out about their gigs on the Ladies of Native Comedy Facebook page.

Waid, did we say four-woman show? It's actually five. Sometime last year, the foul-mouthed, chain-smoking Auntie Beachress muscled her way onto the poster, as you can see.

"It's really about Native humor, being in a Native community," Hall says. Then she warns, "You could be Auntie Beachress, you never know."

Here are ten of the best Auntie Beachress videos—remember, they're very short—as well as a longer one in which Hall discusses the real-life person her character is based on. Spoiler: It's not her aunt.

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Here's Tonia Jo Hall discussing her character: