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Native Humor: 10 MORE Native Dating Site Bios

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe your dating site profile just isn't Native enough! Here are some lines for bachelors and bachelorettes
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Hey there, single Skins—feel like you're looking for love on all the wrong websites? Well, it may be that your profile is just not catchy enough. Maybe you need that one turn of phrase that sums up your best qualities and tells potential lovers that you keep it real, Native style. The funny people on Twitter went looking for the best Native dating site bios using the clever hastag (wait for it...) #NativeDatingSiteBios and came up with a whole bunch of good ones. This is the second installment of their efforts, for the first batch of 10, see "Native Humor: Top 10 Native Dating Site Bios".

10 MORE Native Dating Site Bios

10. I won the longest hair competition at GON 

9. Only one previous registered owner and very low mileage! 

8. I could be your Native American dream! 

7. I tend to always smell like frybread. 

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6. You can help me advertise my load of wood from the side of the road. 

5. I don't play games. I play bingo! 

4. Master lip pointer, fluent in smoke signal linguistics. A snag like me is rare. 

3. If I like you, I'll just stare. So take it as a compliment. 

2. Got percap. Got a degree. Got a career. Triple Threat. 

1. Some say I'm hotter then a sweat rock 

Credits: @Native_Hashtags (10, 2); @unsuperjay (9, 5); @_Native_Life (8, 7, 3); @_cwittle (6); @Lady_Boss85 (4); @tpcreepinhumor (1)