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Native Humor! 10 Funny Paintings by Steven Judd and Bunky Echo-Hawk

Humorous paintings by two of Indian country's greatest provocateurs, Steven Paul Judd and Bunky Echo-Hawk
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Artists Steven Paul Judd and Bunky Echo-Hawk are friends and leaders on the Indian art scene. (Judd in fact cites Echo-Hawk as one of his biggest influences.) They're both adept at creating artwork that mashes up pop culture and Native culture, and they're masters of quick-hit visual puns. Their work can be wry commentary on serious, painful subjects -- other times, it's just fun and funny.

This weekend, the Native American art world converges on Santa Fe for the Santa Fe Indian Market (presented by SWAIA) and Indigenous Fine Art Market (IFAM). American Indian art today encapsulates everything from the traditional and serious to the modern and ironic -- here are 10 works by Judd and Echo-Hawk that will put a smile on your face. Long live NDN art!

Monsters Tribal College by Bunky Echo-Hawk

Ladies, I Just Got My Cobell Check by Steven Paul Judd

I'm Not Only the Chief, I'm Also a Member by Bunky Echo-Hawk

Thomas for President by Steven Paul Judd

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Billy Idol No More by Bunky Echo-Hawk

IHS Operation by Steven Paul Judd

Be My Snag by Bunky Echo-Hawk

NDN Hulk Gets Mad When Treaties Are Broken by Steven Paul Judd

Delete Indians by Bunky Echo-Hawk

Noble Cabbage by Steven Paul Judd