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Native Humor: 10 Funny Native-Style Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sunday is Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t gotten anything yet, you’d better hurry up and read this article and get out there!

Needless to say, once again, we’ve scoured the digital world on the behalf of Indian Country to find you 10 Funny Native-Style Valentine’s Day Gifts. Some of these are a bit over the top, but some can hopefully offer you a bit of inspiration.

To the Valentines out there attempting to inject a bit of romance into their lives here's ten gifts you can use to impress your Native loved-one.

A Beaded Selfie Stick

This one was on - It's out of stock - but no worries - you are crafty, right?

There is no way to say “Damn you are looking good,” than with a beaded selfie stick. You can add it as part of the beaded cell phone case accessory package you probably already bought last Valentine’s Day.

A Heart-Shaped Dream Catcher

Nice job from

No description really necessary – this just oozes a Native theme for Valentine’s Day.

His and Her Decorated Whale Teeth

These are from - Nice...

This designed pair of sperm whale teeth that are also a set of salt and pepper shakers are a perfect addition to any romantic Rez-dining experience. The whale would have approved of such a romance.

Native Style Personalized M&Ms

These are from - Nice...

Simply stated, you can go to the personalized M&Ms site to make your own Native style M&Ms. Way cool.

REZ-ervations at a cool Native Eats place

An Indian Taco for Tocabe necessitates REZ-ervations

Ok, we had to make a play on ‘reservations’ – it’s pretty much a necessary thing to do in Indian Country humor. That said, for example… get an Indian Taco like this at Native owned eatery Tocabe if you are in the Denver area.

A Bad-Ass Native Designed Laptop or iPad Sleeve

Northwest Native Gifts on Etsy has got it going on...

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Yeah – this is outside the humor theme – but hey, this is just a cool anytime gift period. North West Native Gifts on Etsy has a bunch.

More Craft Supplies for your Crafty Gal – or Guy


Cool crafty stuff!

In my experience, there is just no such thing as too many craft supplies. So grab a bunch for your Native Gal – or crafty guy for a real show winner. Not sure? NOBODY hates a gift card.

A Brand New Cute Wolf Puppy


This adorable little guy can help boost the half-wolf population on your Rez while making a great gift

The Rez never seems to have enough half-wolfs running around, so don’t waste any time in adding another set of wolf-genes into your Rez dog population. If your Valentine approves, get them a couple of pups.

A Genuine Hand-crafted Native American Made Valentine


I'm not trying to say there aren't talented Native male artisans out there...but this is how it would be at my house.

If you are a Native and you make a Valentine’s Day card, congrats! You have just created a “Genuine Hand-crafted Native American Made Valentine!” If you and your gal both make them, there might be a bit of difference in how they look (that’s the way it is for me anyhow.)

A Handmade Heart Snow Message

Photo: Vincent Schilling

One gesture can mean a lot. It was FREEZING when I made this!

It’s always damn freezing in February, so take advantage of your surroundings to create a hand made Valentines message for your gal! Guys, DO NOT get lazy and try to spell out a message in the snow with pee.

I made this message for my loved one and special Valentine’s Day gal. (Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely wife Delores.)

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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