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Native Hoop Magazine becomes a reality


Native Hoop Magazine was envisioned by James Morales. Realizing his dreams were big, he asked his friend Mandy Reyes, who has similar dreams, if she would help, and so their journey began.

Creating a site by Natives for Natives: Native Hoop’s first endeavor was a site formed as a family-oriented social site, primarily for tribal members, family and supporters of Native communities.

Native Hoop launched in January and has grown steadily in numbers, mainly by word of mouth. Its Native members span across North America and around the globe; many feeling it’s a home away from home. Many donate their time to help in various areas of “The Hoop.”

Native Hoop was honored to co-sponsor the West Coast American Indian Music Awards held in Lummi, Wash. May 9.

Not only has Native Hoop launched its social site, but also has created 2 BlogTalkRadio stations (The Hoop and Native Hoop), a LiveStream online TV station (Navhp), Native Hoop Magazine, and soon an online radio station at Live365 that will operate 24/7; all to promote Native peoples.

Morales and Reyes will soon be traveling the pow wow circuit to get the word out about Native Hoop. Their goal is to continue to create places through different media outlets to continue to promote and support Native culture, traditions and peoples in a positive way.

Native Hoop’s ultimate goals are to bring Native peoples together in order to help one another; to donate profits through various business ventures and towards helping elders and youth.