Native Headdresses in TLC’s ‘Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding’?

A Gypsy Bride and Groom wearing Native-Style headresses? TLC's My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.

The reality series My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding will be hitting the airwaves on July 17th and according to a TLC press release, the show’s dress designer, Sondra Celli, has created a Cherokee-themed dress and a Native American-influenced headdress for reality show couple Hunter and Dalton. 

UPDATE: According to an exclusive interview with designer Sondra Celli - the 'Native-influenced' headdress was made by Celli's design team, and the headdress for the groom -- who claims Native ancestry -- was purchased from a Native American company. ICTMN is also aware that the term "Gypsy" is offensive and will only refer to it in terms of the TLC program title when possible.

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On the Starcasm.net website there are photographs of the couple wearing the headdresses. Though the Starcasm site says there is an associated video, it appears that has been pulled.

There is no current evidence of video or photographs of the headdresses on TLC’s or Sondra Celli’s websites.


The post on Starcasm.net says, “We have no information on Hunter and Dalton’s episode yet, but I can only assume at least one of them is of Native American descent — otherwise, the episode is sure to garner even more controversy than the show is used to!”

ICTMN has not been able to verify that the episode will air but Starcasm.net does say it is the July 31st episode; neither TLC has not responded to ICTMN's request for comments by posting time.

UPDATE: Celli has recently contacted ICTMN and her interview will be posted.

The My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, which is produced by Firecracker Films for TLC, is in its fifth season. For more information on the show, go to TLC.com/GypsyWedding.

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