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Native Cinema Showcase at the Santa Fe Indian Market: 'The Storm,' 'White Washed,' 'Shouting Secrets'

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The Native Cinema Showcase runs from August 13-19 in Santa Fe, NM, concurrent with the flurry of arts activity known as Santa Fe Indian Market week, which culminates in the massive Santa Fe Indian Market on August 18 and 19.

The Showcase features some of today's best and most interesting Native filmmaking; auteurs include the young and the old, and productions range from just a few minutes to feature-length works.

You may not be able to attend the screenings in Santa Fe, but here at we're bringing you some flavor of what you might see; the Native Cinema Showcase in miniature. Each day, we're showing trailers from the films on offer and, in some cases, the complete clips.

Below are today's offerings, with some information provided by the Native Cinema Showcase. Pop some popcorn, turn off all cell phones, sit back and enjoy!

Friday, August 17

"Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves" (Canada, 2011, 14 min.)


Director: Neil Christopher. Producer: Louise Flaherty (Inuit). In this haunting Inuit tale, two brothers find face danger in a strange land.

"Because of Who I Am" (US, 2011, 4 min.)

Director: Marcella Ernest (Ojibwe). An artist challenges notions of what a Native woman is supposed to be.

"Grumpy Old Man" (US, 2010, 1 min.)

Director: Tristan Craig (White Mountain Apache/Navajo). A little boy's take on his world is expressed in a first film.

"Hoverboard" (US, 2012, 6 min.)

Director: Sydney Freeland (Navajo). An imaginative young girl and her stuffed teddy bear try to make a working hoverboard.

"How the Chipmunk Got Its Stripes" (US, 2011, 3 min.)

Director: Students of the Tulalip Heritage School. A traditional tale in light box animation.

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"Neil Discovers the Moon" (US, 2011, 1 min.)

Director: Steven Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw). Neil discovers more than just the moon.

"Chased: Version #2" (US, 2011, 4 min.)

Directors: SuperFly 2011 Animation Group. A sinister figure pursues a young girl, but what does he really want?

"Super Brotha: Urban Surfing" (Australia, 2011, 3 min.)

Director: Rima Tamou (Bulgunnwarra, Nga Ruahine Rangi). Ungainly Super Brotha is one-upped by his mom's skateboard stylings.

"White Washed" (US, 2011, 3 min.)

Director: Caytlyn Isham (Ojibwe). A provocative video poem about living in two worlds.

"Interview With Einstein" (US, 2012, 11 min.)

Directors: Velma Kee Craig (Navajo). When their dog, Einstein, decides to talk, the family shoots a documentary.

"Injunuity: Buried" and "Injunity: Tongues" (US, 2012, 3 min. each)


Producer/Director: Adrian Baker (Hopi/Filipino/German/Welsh/Choctaw). Two selections from a documentary that mixes animation, music and real audio to Native perspectives.

Shouting Secrets (US, 2011, 88 min.)

Director: Korinna Sehringer
Writers: Mickey Blaine, Tvli Jacob (Choctaw) & Steven Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw)
June is a loving wife and a support to her three grown children. But when she falls ill, the confused and quarreling siblings and the misunderstood father are left to cope with her illness, and with each other, in the tight confines of the hospital and at the family home on the reservation. World premiere at 2011 American Indian Film Festival.

Korinna Sehringer has worked as a producer, director and writerin both film and television. Her five short films, screened widely at film festivals, have won thirteen awards, including best film, best directing, and audience choice. Shouting Secrets is her first feature film. Sehringer studied at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland and at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, where she currently lives.

Preceded by: "The Storm" (US, 2011, 5 min.)

Director: Steven Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw)
In this music video, Seminole musicians Zack "Doc" Battiest and Spencer Battiest perform their 2011 single "The Storm". The song and the video were created as a tribute to the Seminole tribe of Florida, and an homage to the singers' parents, grandparents and tribal leaders. During the 2011 Indian Market, Steven Judd (Kiowa/Choctaw) was featured as a screenwriter in the Native Cinema Showcase, and his short fiction "Search for the World's Best Indian Taco" won Best Narrative Short in Classification X. Judd was guest artist at the 2012 NMAI/Tribeca Film Institute's Youth Screening Series in New York. He is currently working on a new feature, A Six Pack and Gas Money (working title).