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Native Cinema Showcase at the Santa Fe Indian Market: 'The Medicine Game,' 'Skateboard Nation'

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The Native Cinema Showcase runs from August 13-19 in Santa Fe, NM, concurrent with the flurry of arts activity known as Santa Fe Indian Market week, which culminates in the massive Santa Fe Indian Market on August 18 and 19.

The Showcase features some of today's best and most interesting Native filmmaking; auteurs include the young and the old, and productions range from just a few minutes to feature-length works.

You may not be able to attend the screenings in Santa Fe, but here at we're bringing you some flavor of what you might see; the Native Cinema Showcase in miniature. Each day, we're showing trailers from the films on offer and, in some cases, the complete clips.

Below are today's offerings, with some information provided by the Native Cinema Showcase. Pop some popcorn, turn off all cell phones, sit back and enjoy!

Thursday, August 16

The Medicine Game (US, 2012, 64 min.)


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Director/Co-Producer: Lukas Korver

For Jeremy and Jerome Thompson, brothers from the Onondaga Nation in New York, the sport of lacrosse is more than just a game—it's part of their Iroquois heritage. They are pinning their hopes on their skill in the sport to take them to Syracuse University, a school with fourteen national team championship wins in lacrosse. With their college dreams nearly within reach, the boys are caught up in a constant struggle to define their Native identity, live up to their family's expectations and balance challenges on and off the reservation.

Lukas Korver has worked internationally for ten years as a professional cinematographer. He filmed the acclaimed Vans series Pass the Bucket, about the humanitarian work of celebrated athletes and musicians. His directorial debut was Unfiltered: The Story Behind the Rivalry, the feature-length documentary about Olympic championship swimmers Michael Phelps and Ian Crocker.

Skateboard Nation (US, 2011, 51 min.)

Director: Martha Conboy. Produced by Smithsonian Networks.

Explore the underground movement that is helping Native American youth throughout the U.S. soar above life's challenges, one half-pipe at a time. Skateboarding is increasingly popular on reservations as well as urban areas, cultivating athletes, artists, entrepreneurs and mentors. From the streets of Albuquerque to New York City, from Washington, D.C. to Pine Ridge, the sport is fueling a new form of self-expression and pride.

Martha Conboy is an independent editor and producer whose films have won several Emmys, a DuPont Columbia Journalism Award, and an Academy Award Nomination for Best Documentary Short Subject. As an executive producer, she has supervised programming for The Learning Channel and for the National Geographic Channel.