Native Children as Hope for the Planet: Warrior Project Snaps Kids in Utah and Rhode Island

Native children are our hope for the future! A photography project documents their connection to the Earth.

The Warrior Project is a photographic journey by Tailinh Agoyo that seeks to document the future, and what's important. The future: children, particularly those of Indigenous heritage. What's important: Earth.

"The children we photograph are nurtured in a culture where the importance of honoring and protecting the earth is part of their DNA," reads the statement posted to the Kickstarter campaign that received full funding. "They are not passive victims; they are budding change makers, activists, and empowered leaders. They are warriors of strength, knowledge and ancestral power."

Their project will take them to Indigenous communities all over the country; these photos are from two recent stops in Utah and Rhode Island. To keep up with their latest adventures, visit warriorchildren.com.

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Yoyatche. 4 years old. Narragansett.

Máshisha & Mishánogqus. One year. Narragansett.

Pummukau. 6 years old. Narragansett.

Nizhoni. 2 years. Navajo/Narragansett/Chickasaw/Choctaw/Ojibwe.

Heart. 2 years old. Narragansett/Blackfeet/Tuscarora/Saponi/Chinese.

Emmarie: 11 years old. Ute (Uncompahgre)/Navajo (Deer Spring and Bitter Water)/English.

Emmarie: 11 years old. Ute (Uncompahgre)/Navajo (Deer Spring and Bitter Water)/English.

Sherenté, 14 years old. Nkéke, 12 years old. Yoyatche, 4 years old. Narragansett.

Micah. 4 years old. Ohkay Owingeh/Narragansett/Blackfeet/Chinese

Many thanks to Tailinh Agoyo for supplying these photos, as well as these videos from her YouTube channel: