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'Native Blood' Explores Testament Frontman's Pomo Heritage

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Today, thrash-metal band Testament releases Dark Roots of Earth, its first album in seven years. The album's second single, "Native Blood," has personal meaning for lead singer Chuck Billy, who is a Pomo Indian.

The video tells the story of a young Native boy who is teased, then faces prejudice when a girl's father won't allow her to date him, presumably because he is an Indian. In the end, the boy, now grown, strikes back by mobilizing his people and taking to the court to stop real-estate developers from desecrating the Pomo sacred site Medicine Rock.

"This white man's world won't tell me what to do," Billy sings.

"We wrote the song about Native Americans but the meaning of the song itself is about native people everywhere in the world," Billy told "And the video was a special thing too, we had people working on it you know the tribe, the police department the whole community, we had people watching us. It was something special."

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Below are the video for "Native Blood" and a behind-the-scenes clip released by the band's label, Nuclear Blast.