'Native America': Documenting Native Life Truthfully and Honestly


Montana-based visual journalist Adam Sings In The Timber, Crow, created and shared with ICTMN the following short video, "Native America," containing some of his photography documenting the lives of modern Native Americans.


I am a documentary photographer and filmmaker with a passion for documenting Native life truthfully and honestly. I photograph more than just Native pageantry and poverty. I photograph Native life as it is today to show the world that Natives are more than just ceremony and addiction. I want to show that Natives are full of life, tradition and joy.

While watching the Super Bowl I was impressed with Ram Truck's "Farmer" Super Bowl commercial. It brought back memories of growing up in Montana with my grandparents, driving in my grandpa's truck to the reservation to see family and occasionally hearing Paul Harvey on the radio. The more I thought about the commercial it made me think that Natives could use a similar slideshow. It was made to give Natives pride and strength because we didn't see any obviously Native people in the commercial. I wanted people to see the slideshow photographs and think to themselves, "Hey, that person looks like me,"and smile.

For the slideshow I used my photography taken over the last few years, mostly of Montana Natives, because I'm a Montana Native and I live in Montana. It was hard trimming it down to the number of photos seen in the video, I have so many diverse shots of Native life. After I did narrow it down, I found an iconic Native prayer read by an iconic Native American man, Chief Dan George, to pair with my imagery. Due to the importance of Chief Dan George to Native American people I hope that my photographs will do his voice and words justice.

For more on artist Adam Sings In The Timber, visit his website: SingsInTheTimber.com. You can also follow him on Facebook: Facebook.com/singsinthetimber.photography.