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Native Actor Responds to Critics of Adam Sandler and 'Ridiculous Six'

Should Native actors have walked off the set of Adam Sandler's 'Ridiculous Six'? Actor Ricky Lee says the whole controversy has been overblown.

Ricky Lee, a Native American actor who worked on The Ridiculous Six, has told the New York Daily News that the controversy over the film is overblown and those who left the set to protest the script were in the extreme minority.

"There were four actors who left, but there were 150 extras, including grandmas and grandpas and children, who kept working," Lee told the Daily News.

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The film's star, Adam Sandler, has not commented publicly, but Lee says that Sandler discussed the situation with him and other actors at the wrap party. "He sat down, discussing all the hype about the walkouts," Lee said. "And the last thing that he said before he got up was that the thing that made him feel the worst is that four people got their feelings hurt."

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According to the Daily News, Lee contacted the paper to "set the record straight," and was not unsympathetic to those who were offended by the script. Lee said that the on-screen stereotyping of Natives raises "legitimate issues," but said that the protesters were fighting on "the wrong battlefield."