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National Native American 8(a) & Federal Assistance Programs Symposium: April 18-19

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What: This two day event will delve into various federal programs that assist tribal communities with economic development initiatives and cover the procedures and benefits of establishing an 8(a) tribally-owned business. Topics covered include: the fundamentals about what projects or ventures qualify for federal funding, explanations on how to obtain federal grants or loans, and the steps to initiating an 8(a) business. This conference will offer unparalleled networking opportunities and provide the most information for attendees in the most efficient amount of time, allowing people to meet tribal leaders, executives, and government representatives actively involved in the small business market.

Who should attend: Tribal leaders, heads of tribally owned and operated businesses, federal, state, and local government officials, members of the small business community, contractors, lawyers, and other professionals who want to promote their products and services to the small business market in Indian Country.

When: April 18-19, 2011

Where: Washington D.C.