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National Geographic Channel Visiting Kansas City

National Geographic will be in Kansas City looking for treasures, including Native American artifacts, to feature on its new show Americas National Treasures.
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America's National Treasures, a new television series from National Geographic, is searching the country for objects that tell the history of America. The show will visit Kansas City, Missouri the week of January 11th.

"Do you have a Civil War era musket? Letters or documents from the founding fathers? Ancient Native American artifacts, antique musical instruments, or pop-culture collectibles?" asks a press release from National Geographic. "If you've got a prized family heirloom, or found object, with a connection to history and a great story to tell, National Geographic may offer up to $10,000 to display your piece in a special year-long exhibit of America's National Treasures."

And if you're not sure how authentic your item is, you can take it to Kansas City Union Station to have it examined by experts. E-mail the show at to find out if you have one of American's National Treasures, or submit an item online at

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