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Nathaniel Arcand: The next action star

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - At the age of five Nathaniel Arcand said he wanted to be an action star like his idol Bruce Lee. It took awhile to get started but when Arcand landed the role of William MacNeil on the TV series "North of 60" in Canada (1994-98), he was on his way.

Acrand was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1971. He fondly remembers his grandparents who taught him to respect all elders. They also taught him his native language, Canadian Cree. His respect endears him to many and it shows throughout his body of work as an actor. Since "North of 60" Acrand has been a busy working on movies and TV projects including, "Savage Land" (1994) as Tree Climber, "Crazy Horse" (1996) as Little Hawk, "Legend of Two-Path" (1998) as Wanchese, "Grey Owl" (1999) as Ned White Bear, "My Brother" (1999) as Billy and in "Chasing Indigo" (1999) as Tom.

Acrand admitted that he has a lot of regrets about his past but he has learned from his mistakes. He believes children are the strength of our future and adults should lead them on the right path in life. Arcand has spent time speaking to youth about the importance of self esteem. Acrand leads by example and continues to seek out his dream of becoming an action star like Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He practices Tae-Kwon-Do religiously to reach that dream and encourages kids to seek out their dreams as well.

In between raising his three children Trisha, Jaden and Griffin, Acrand continues to keep busy working. He is beginning to appear in higher profile productions here in the U.S. with "Caitlin's Way" (2000) as Crowchild, "The Doe Boy" (2001) as Junior, "Virtual Insanity" (2001) as Daniel, "American Outlaws" (2001) as Comanche Tom, "Speaking of Sex" (2001) as Calvin, "Skins" (2002) as Teen Mogie, "Wildfire 7: The Inferno" (2002) as Red, and in "100 Days in the Jungle" (2002).

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Acrand landed the role of the young Tonto in the mini-series "The Lone Ranger" (2003) on the WB. It was scheduled to be a pilot for a TV series and ended up as just a two-part update from the 1950s TV series original. In a USA Today interview Acrand stated that Tonto has become the equal to the Lone Ranger in these modern times. Staying true to Tonto and his Native people, Acrand spoke Apache in the miniseries. Striving ever closer to his dream as an action star Acrand got to ride horses, shoot guns and show his skills as a physical actor.

Acrand was recently seen in the ABC miniseries "Dreamkeeper" as Broken Lance. Acrand's son Griffin even received an acting role in "DreamKeeper" as Thunderboy.

Acrand played lead acting role of Jimmy in Rick Schroeder's "Black Cloud." The Hollywood Reporter said, "Written by Schroeder, who will have a small role in the film, the story centers on a Native American boxer (Acrand) facing personal challenges as he comes to terms with his heritage while trying to earn a spot on the U.S. Olympic boxing team." Six tribes contributed $1 million into the production that was shot in and around Arizona. Schroeder hopes to bring it to the Sundance film festival.

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