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NASA awards tribal colleges

On Oct. 1, NASA announced $3.3 million to support academic excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education at tribal colleges and universities.

The awards have a three-year period and range in value from $215,000 to $592,000. They are part of a Cooperative Agreement Notice released by the NASA Office of Education’s Minority University Research and Education Program for the Tribal Colleges and Universities Project.

The institutions selected for award are: Kiksapa Consulting, LLC of Mandan, N.D.; Salish Kootenai College of Pablo, Mont.; and the American Indian Higher Education Consortium in Alexandria, Va.

TCUP is a STEM education grant and mentoring program intended to expand opportunities to academic institutions that prepare Native Americans to enter the nation’s STEM workforce through internships, fellowships, research experiences, outreach, information exchange, capacity building and infrastructure development.